Freight forwarding services

The main forwarding operations are elements of the general transportation process.

These include:

organization and support of cargo transportation;

receiving cargo at the sender's warehouse;

delivery to the departure station;

payment of freight charges and fees;

interaction with the CFTO of JSC "Russian Railways", railway administrations and freight forwarders regarding the approval of applications for cargo transportation;

informing the client about the location and time of arrival of the cargo at the destination station;

payment of the railway tariff on the territories of the Russian Federation, CIS and Baltic countries, third countries;

round-the-clock dispatching control over the promotion of goods; informing the client about the promotion of goods.

Auxiliary freight forwarding operations

precede or accompany the transportation process and include:

cargo packaging

customs operations


long-term storage

transshipment to other types of transport

preparation of references

making copies of documents

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