Grain wagons

The company's operating fleet includes 2,400 units of grain hoppers

Transportation and logistics by rail occupies a significant part of the Russian cargo transportation market, since some categories of cargo can be delivered to many regions of the country only by rail.

Railway rolling stock today is the main link not only in the logistics chain of Russia, but also in all CIS countries.

Given the wide geographical spread of the regions and the shortage of a modern fleet, there is an acute question in the transportation of goods by rail.

Moreover, the demand for railway transportation is becoming more popular, as it has a number of significant advantages: ensuring cargo safety, independence from weather conditions, large load capacity, low cost of delivery compared to motor transport.

Maxima Logistics LLC has a specialized rolling stock of railway transport and is a professional player in the modern freight logistics market. We provide our clients with high-quality advice and organization of delivery on favorable terms.


Innovative model 19-6870 (OJSC "ZMK")

4-axis covered hopper of bunker type for transportation of grain and other bulk food cargo. The new wagon has a load capacity of 76.2 tons and surpasses all analogues on the market in terms of its technical and operational characteristics.

19-3054-04 (Bryansk Machine-Building Plant JSC)

4-axle covered hopper with a lifting capacity of 71 tons. Designed for the transportation of grain and other dry bulk cargo.

19-6869 (OJSC "ZMK")

Hopper car of bunker type with loading through the upper hatch and gravity unloading through the lower hatches. Load capacity – 70.5 tons.

19-9950 (JSC "BVRZ")

An indoor hopper for grain transportation with 4 loading and 6 unloading hatches, a load capacity of 70.5 tons. The grain carrier body does not provide expensive rolled metal profiles, significantly increasing the maintainability of the model and making it one of the most practical in its segment.

19-9858 (OJSC "ZMK")

4-axle covered wagon for transportation of grain and other food products with a load capacity of 70.3 tons. Equipped with 4 loading and 4 pairs of unloading hatches.

19-7053-02 (PJSC "Kryukovsky Car Building Plant")

Designed for bulk transportation of grain and similar food products requiring protection from precipitation, carrying capacity – 70.5 tons. Loading is carried out through the upper hatches, gravity unloading – through the lower hatches on special loading and unloading devices.

19-1761-03 (JSC "Azovobschemash")

4-axis covered hopper for grain transportation with a load capacity of 70.5 tons. The inner surface of the grain carrier is protected from corrosion by a special coating with a 7-year warranty

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