Banking details and documents

Our banking details

Maxima Logistics Limited Liability Company / Maxima Logistics LLCRegistration date: July 18, 2011.
Certificate No.: 013478523
OGRN 1117746559930
Registration authority: IFNS of Russia No. 46 in Moscow
TIN: 7709881471

CHECKPOINT: 771901001
Settlement account No. 40702810300160000765 to VTB Bank (PJSC), Moscow

BIC: 044525187

Correspondent account No. 30101810700000000187 to the OPERA of the Moscow State Technical University of the Bank of Russia

Legal address: 1A Semenovskaya Square, Moscow, 107023, Russia
Postal address: 107023, Russia, Moscow, Semenovskaya Square, 1atelephone: +7 (495) 983-59-58
Fax: +7 (495) 983-59-58

General Director: Falin Nikolay Anatolyevich
Chief Accountant: Oleg V. Krylov

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