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VTB Leasing Group has financed a maximum of 150 fitting platforms for GC

In May 2021, the first 25 units of 80-foot fitting platforms were delivered under a leasing agreement concluded between NeoTrans LLC, part of the Maximum Group of Companies, and VTB Leasing JSC. The contract was concluded for the supply of 150 new 80-foot fitting platforms for a total amount of more than 500 million rubles, the lease term is 10 years.

VTB Leasing has been cooperating with GC Max since 2012, the leasing portfolio of partners, excluding the new contract, is more than 600 wagons.  "We always strive to develop relationships with existing financial partners, as this is often more effective than working with new credit institutions from scratch.

The new project with VTB Leasing confirmed our belief - the new deal is structured with the existing contracts of NeoTrans LLC, which allowed it to be concluded with zero advance, i.e. without diverting the company's working capital.", - commented Maxim Kunaev, Financial Director of Maximum Group of Companies. Maximum Group of Companies plans to use wagons for container shipments of lumber to China and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, as well as for domestic transportation of consumer goods and servicing transit cargo traffic from China to Western Europe as part of container trains. The supplier of the wagons is JSC Barnaul VRZ, delivery is scheduled until August 2021 inclusive. For reference:

VTB Leasing Group of Companies consistently holds leading positions in the railway leasing market. To date, VTB Leasing's railway portfolio has more than 117 thousand wagons of various types, according to this indicator, the company is the largest lessor in Russia.  Barnaul VRZ JSC is one of the largest industrial enterprises of the Altai Territory and the oldest in the heavy engineering industry of the Russian Federation. The plant specializes in the manufacture and repair of railway freight rolling stock and spare parts. Since 2011, it has been part of the TALTEK Group of Companies.

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