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VTB Leasing Group has financed a maximum of 150 fitting platforms for GC

After a long break, Maximum Group resumed work with Otkritie FC.     

The Group started a dialogue on raising financing in this bank back in 2016, however, at that time the companies could not find common ground. And now, almost 4 years have passed, during which GC Maximum has grown to the level of a prominent player in its market segment, and FC Otkritie has undergone significant shareholder and organizational changes.     

At the beginning of 2020, the dialogue of the companies resumed, and for six months in the harsh conditions of quarantine, a lot of joint work was carried out, which ended with the establishment of a maximum credit risk limit on the GC in the amount of 4.5 billion rubles. Within this limit, in the 4th quarter of 2020, several leasing agreements were concluded between LLC "Repetek" (part of the Maximum Group of Companies) and LLC "Open Leasing" (part of FC Otkritie), under which 1,564 wagons purchased by LLC "Repetek" from the leasing of PJSC "GTLK" were leased.

According to Maxim Kunaev, Financial Director of Maximum Group, the main result of this transaction was not only a significant improvement in financing conditions without increasing the Group's total debt, but also the overall diversification of creditors in the debt portfolio of Maximum Group. In addition, the Group has a great prospect of further cooperation with FC Otkritie, which will be implemented already in 2021.

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