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Train to Meget

At the end of November, GC "Maximum", with the support of  LLC "Maxexpress" and LLC "Firm Ecodor", carried out the dispatch of the first container train (57 usl.units), following the direction of art. Silicate – Meget station (Irkutsk region, Angarsk district) to the address of MegetMetalloKomplekt LLC.

Since December of this year, partner companies are planning to launch a regular service, involving weekly dispatch of container trains from the station. Silicate to Megeta. And in the future, thanks to well-coordinated teamwork and the revival of the container logistics market, the schedule of shipments along this route should increase to 2 times a week.

GC "Maximum" is a Russian operator of 80-foot fitting platforms, the fleet of which currently has more than 2,500 units and is extremely in demand in the logistics services market.

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