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The MAXIMUM Group of companies is gaining momentum

The middle of the 3rd quarter was marked by the development of the railway business in a new segment for Maxima Logistics LLC. Another type of rolling stock - Covered wagons - has been added to the main areas of operator activity for the management of universal platforms, fitting platforms, gondola cars and logging trucks.

To date, the operational management consists of 110 units of wagons with a capacity of 150 m3 each. In less than three months, with the participation of our partners, we have achieved some success, in the Company's medium-term plans - to increase the fleet of covered wagons to 200 units (130 wagons with a volume of 150 m3, and 70 wagons with a capacity of 130 m3 each).

Also, our partner, Maxexpress LLC, having its customer base, will help our Company expand the pool of main and permanent shippers in order to fulfill the main task set by the management of Maximum Group of Companies: to establish itself in the market of this rolling stock, to prove itself a customer-oriented and reliable partner, and to increase the fleet of covered wagons to 1,000 units within 2015.

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