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Tenacious container service

The first quarter of 2015 turned out to be very difficult for container transportation.

A sharp reduction in imports (up to 40%, in monetary terms), which occurred as a result of the devaluation of the ruble, led to an automatic reduction in the volume of container traffic. The arrival of foreign shipping containers with imported goods to Russia has decreased, and as a result, there has been an acute shortage of container equipment for export transportation. Domestic container routes have also suffered, again due to a shortage of container containers. Our expectations for the first quarter of this year were more than pessimistic. 

However, thanks to the coordinated work of the commercial and technical departments, reality has surpassed our timid hopes. Together with our partners Sasko Navigator LLC and Ecodor LLC, we managed to maintain the regularity of container train shipments in our key destinations: Moscow – Vladivostok – Moscow and Moscow – Krasnoyarsk.

Our customers appreciated the accurate dispatch of trains according to the schedule, the excellent technical condition of the platforms and the flexible pricing policy. As a result, against the background of a reduction in the volume of traffic from the main competitors, our container services turned out to be in demand and loaded with work. Until the end of 2014, the weekly occupancy of trains was 70-80% of the carrying capacity. Already in February 2015, this indicator showed positive dynamics, and in March, the filling of the service was 90-100%!

Since the launch of the container train Moscow-Vladivostok-Moscow (October 2014), our company has provided this service with its own 80-foot platforms in the amount of more than 150 units.

We expect to expand our presence on the Moscow–Far East route to 250 container platforms by the summer of 2015 with gradually increasing profitability.

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