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Summing up the results

Summing up the results of the outgoing year, the InfraNews information and analytical portal published an interesting and slightly unusual material about the most large-scale "incidents" in business over these 12 months.

The successful deal of the MAXIMUM Group of Companies with the container terminal Ecodor Company, which took place last fall, did not stand aside and, according to the research center, was awarded the title "Deal of 2017". The main "highlight" of this mutually beneficial agreement, according to InfraNews experts, is a successful combination of circumstances, thanks to which MAXIMUM Group managed to acquire shares of the terminal 2 months before the final closure of Paveletskaya.

Recall that in September 2017, the Group of Companies acquired a stake in the capital of LLC Firm "Ecodor" - art. Silicate (based on JSC "Podolsk PPZHT"). The jointly planned investment program of "Ecodor" and "Podolsk PPZHT" is aimed at a large-scale increase in the area of the container terminal and its capacity.

Thus, GC "MAXIMUM", which has its own fleet of 80-foot fitting platforms, in cooperation with its new partner is preparing to offer the market modern projects in the field of container logistics.

Link to the article: http://infranews.ru/issledovaniya/reitingi/50500-itogi-i-perspektivy-goda-ot-infranews/

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