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Replenishment of the fleet of fitting platforms

In February 2018, Repetek LLC, part of the MAXIMUM Group of Companies, received the first batch of 80-foot fitting platforms produced by the Metal Structures Plant (Engels) under a new leasing agreement concluded with PJSC GTLK at the end of 2017. The batch consisted of 150 units of rolling stock.

In addition to the cars of the well-known model 23-469-07, the platforms of the new model 13-6964-001, developed by JSC "ZMK" in 2017, were delivered. The design of this platform is unique in that it allows rolling trolleys with an axial load of 23.5 tons with a minimum amount of refinement, after which the car's load capacity will be 69 tons.

The total volume of delivered wagons under the new contract with PJSC "GTLK" will amount to 850 units, the delivery period will be the whole of 2018. The implementation of this project will make it possible to replenish the fleet of GC "MAXIMUM" with an extremely popular type of container platforms on the modern market.

Moreover, the operating fleet, which already has more than 2,500 fittings, will consolidate the Group's position as one of the three leading operators of 80-foot platforms after Transcontainer and FESCO.

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