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Replenishment of the fleet of covered wagons

GC "Maximum", the operator of specialized rolling stock, plans to increase the fleet of covered wagons to 2,100 units by the end of 2018, replenishing it with modern models of this type.

Thus, by the end of this month, 37 units of the 11-1807 and 11-280 models, 165 units of the 11-9962 and 11-9962-01 models, as well as 125 units of the 11-1807-01 model will be delivered to the operational fleet of the Group of Companies.

The replenishment of the fleet with covered wagons is caused, first of all, by the demand for this type of transportation in the railway logistics market, as well as by the Group's long-term business strategy, which assumes a continuous increase in capacity against the background of a noticeable shortage of new rolling stock.

The next expansion of the fleet will allow Maximum Group of Companies to consolidate their positions in the market more reliably and reach an even higher level in the segment of railway transportation organization.

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