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Purchase of a controlling stake in "MegetMetalloKomplekt"

Last Wednesday (December 26), Maximum Group of Companies completed the acquisition of a controlling stake in MegetMetalloKomplekt LLC (MMK).  

MMK is a container terminal located in the suburbs of Irkutsk, 5 km from the Battery station (East Siberian railway), on the basis of which Maximum Group plans to implement a large logistics center providing a full range of services, including complex processing of export cargo. Despite the convenient location of the terminal, there is no excessive congestion, unlike, for example, the Battery station, so the process of loading and unloading trains is significantly accelerated. In December of this year, GC "Maximum" together with partner LLC "Firm Ecodor" organized a weekly dispatch of a container train from Silikatnaya station to Meget station.

The potential of this service is confirmed by the interest shown by customers already when sending the first container trains, therefore, at the end of the first quarter of 2019, it is planned to increase the frequency of shipments to 2 times a week, which will allow to achieve a processing volume of 8,000-10,000 TEU per year.

Active expansion of the network of own and partner container terminals of Maximum Group, such as Meget, Betta-Perm, Ecodor and VTK (terminal at Chunoyar station) is an important step to ensure the necessary growth rates in 2019, which can increase the competitiveness of the Group and even more firmly consolidate it in the leading positions in the rating of Russian railway operators.

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