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Presentation of the St. Petersburg K. L. S. team

Last Saturday, in the historic building of the Palace of Prince Amabelek-Lazarev, a presentation of our team was held at the State Museum of Sports of St. Petersburg, located in the very center of the city on the embankment. Sinks 21-23. As part of the presentation, the museum prepared a lecture on the history of the club, as well as a guided tour for guests of the exposition dedicated to the history of Russian sports, among the exhibits of which there are historical documents and photos dedicated to S.P.B. K. L. S..

We express our gratitude to the professionals of the museum for the excellent organization of the event. There are plans to make meetings at the museum regular, first of all, of course, to attract interest in football and sports history.

In addition, the basic form of the team for the 2023 season was presented. Please note that the sponsor logos on the T-shirts are the same, which means that our long-time partners the betting company PARI and the railway company Maxim Logistics continue to support us this year, for which we thank them very much, and we are very proud of it.

At the presentation, a trilateral cooperation agreement was signed between S.P.B.K.L.S., the Russia Unites fan Club and the State Museum of Sports of St. Petersburg. This is an important step towards expanding our football community, and we are looking forward to new opportunities to promote football and our team. We are also grateful to the RFU media service for their support and attention to our event. We never forget about our loyal fans! The medals for the third place, which our players received according to the results of last season, were also awarded to the guys who attended absolutely all the games of the 2022 season. The fans are our 12th player, with their support we always play "like at home", thanks to them!

 And this eventful day ended with a victory in the calendar game of the championship against FC Pobeda with a score of 4-2. We thank our fans for their support. K.L.S. always plays for you! Stay tuned for our updates and keep rooting for our team!

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