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Participation in the InfraNews conference

On August 23, Maxima Logistics took part in a conference organized by InfraNews, where topical issues were put on the agenda: innovative fitting platforms and high-speed railway technologies, new terminal management methods, container trains of the PRC-RF-PRC, equipment shortage in China, the impact of seasonality on transit costs, etc.

Among other things, the current situation in the container market was analyzed.

Following the results of the conference, the following forecasts were made: - the number of exports to China is increasing; - high-speed container trains will compete with long-distance air transportation; - innovative refrigerated containers - a guarantee of high-quality transportation of export food; - by 2022, the entire old railway train will be completely eliminated and replaced with a modern one. 

Link to the InfraNews conference video at the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoW1WezBlxw

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