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On October 17, 2019, at the #Zakontainers conference, Alexander Mukhin shared with colleagues the experience of automating container terminals

On October 17, 2019, the #Zakontainers conference was successfully held.

The event was held under the leadership of Alexey Bezborodov, General Director of the Infranews logistics and transport portal, the main sponsor of the event was Maxima Logistics LLC. The #Zakontainers conference is held annually in different cities of Russia. This time it became the city of St. Petersburg. Some of the heads of the largest companies in the transport and logistics industry presented their reports to the audience throughout the day.

Many topical issues were raised, almost all speakers offered their colleagues options for mutually beneficial cooperation. The conference also discussed modern IT solutions for optimizing the management of transport and logistics processes. So, the sales director of IT products of Maxima Logistics LLC, Alexander Mukhin, shared with all those present the experience of automating container terminals by his own Maxima Logistics IT division on the example of the Betta terminal (Perm). During the presentation, he talked about how it is possible to digitize all the processes of the enterprise and link them into a single IT system "Maksapta". The topics of streamlining business processes and financial reporting were also touched upon.

 Alexander told how the Maxapta ERP system allows the management to transparently see the revenue and profit of the container terminal in the context of each service. The report was positively evaluated by the conference participants - after the presentation, a number of meetings were scheduled with companies that are currently looking for an IT service provider to automate their own container terminals under construction on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS. Representatives of the IT department of Maxima Logistics LLC have more than ten years of experience in automating logistics companies of various profiles (both container terminals and railway operators) and are happy to share it with market partners.

Contacts for communication with the IT department:

Alexander Mukhin Sales Director of IT Products



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