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New areas of activity

Maxima Logistics LLC, together with Maxexpress LLC, has started to independently manage a fleet of its own and leased universal containers.  The purchase and long-term rental of containers has become a consequence of the growing demand from customers: an increasing number of customers are interested not only in providing platforms for loading, but also in cargo handling and delivery services along the warehouse - container platform route.

The first containers were purchased in the summer of 2015, and 80 40-foot containers were put into operation in October. Of particular interest to customers are specialized containers for the transportation of cars "40'TransRack".  The key task for the next six months is to take a strong position in the market of container transportation in direct mixed rail–water communication (PSVVS). This is multimodal transportation, where very careful integration and coordination of several modes of transport (road, rail, water), container terminals and transshipment ports is necessary.

Cargo transiting through the port of Vladivostok goes to the recipients located in Magadan, Kamchatka, Sakhalin and other regions of the Russian Federation.  In terms of sea transportation, our partners are the shipping companies Garant Intermodal and Kamchatka Shipping Company.

* On the Vladivostok – Magadan line: 2 vessels with a capacity of 250 TEU, a ship call to Vladivostok is carried out every 10 days 

* On the Vladivostok – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky line: 3 vessels with a capacity from 250 to 600 TEU, a ship call to Vladivostok is carried out every 7 days

* On the Vladivostok – Korsakov (Sakhalin) line: 2 vessels with a capacity of 200 TEU, a ship call to Vladivostok is carried out every 10 days

Since the launch of the service, Silicate Station - Cape Churkin station (VMPP), 9 accelerated container trains or 1062 TEU (52x20’ and 505x40’) have been sent, including the appointment of 408 TEU (38x20' and 185x40'). At the beginning of October 2015, 4 full-composite trains were formed, which will run along this route.

It is planned to send about 5 trains per month. The sale of services is carried out according to the schemes "station-station / port", "station – door", "door-door". Trains are dispatched from Moscow on a weekly basis with the dates of arrival of trains tied to the ship calls of the coastal lines.

The service is operated and coordinated with shipowners by Maxexpress LLC.

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