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Maxima Logistics strengthens partnership with ILIM Holding

Fintrans LLC (a 100% subsidiary of the ILIM Group of companies) is a reliable and long-term partner of Maxima Logistics LLC. Fintrans leases more than 100 units of rolling stock from Maxim Logistics, including: fitting platforms, universal platforms and logging platforms, a contract is signed for the lease of 300 covered wagons. At the same time, Maxima Logistics provides services for the transportation of Fintrans containers under a freight forwarding service agreement.

It is planned that this year the cooperation of the two companies in this direction will reach the level of at least 100 cars per month.

During the joint meeting of the management of the terminals of the companies Fintrans (St. Petersburg), Alfa-Trans (Chelyabinsk) and Betta (Perm), the following agreements on mutually beneficial cooperation were reached :

• about the delivery of goods of the ILIM Group of Companies in containers to the container terminals "Alfa-Trans" (Chelyabinsk), "Betta" (Perm);

• loading of empty Fintrans containers with associated cargo at Alfa-Trans and Betta terminals; 

• about the reloading of industrial cargo from covered wagons into containers at the Voskhod terminal of Fintrans terminal and the shipment of loaded containers to the Alfa-Trans and Betta terminals;

• on the implementation of the delivery of platforms and containers to the container terminals "Alfa-Trans" and "Betta" in order to avoid empty mileage.

In addition, the Ilim Group plans to organize its distribution center on the basis of the Betta terminal in the Perm Region, using its logistics capabilities. Thus, as all the initiatives are implemented, Maxima Logistics expects that the volume of cooperation between Maxima Logistics and Fintrans will amount to 25-30 million rubles per month.

Reference: Ilim Group is the leader of the Russian pulp and paper industry in terms of output, financial stability, corporate governance and technology. The ILIM group includes such companies as: Fintrans LLC, Ust-Ilim, Bratsk, Kotlas pulp and paper mills, as well as a number of other woodworking companies.  Fintrans is a 100% subsidiary of the Ilim Group, which provides logistics and transport services, carries out purchases for all enterprises of the Ilim Group.

Fintrans has regional branches and provides services for the enterprises of the Ilim Group. The Ilim Group is the largest sender of covered wagons and occupies a leading position in shipping containers.

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