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Maxima Logistics LLC together with Betta LLC has implemented a large-scale logistics project

In September 2015, Maxima Logistics LLC and Betta LLC completed work on a large-scale logistics project for the transportation of a large batch of spare parts and components for railway transport from Novokuznetsk to the Saratov region. The customer of the project was PJSC Transfin-M.

For Maxima Logistics LLC, this project is fundamentally new, in which it has put as much effort as possible to implement it. According to the terms of reference, since May 2015, more than 100 thousand units of spare parts and components with a total weight of about 3 thousand tons were intended for transportation. The entire cargo was to be delivered as soon as possible for introduction into production by the plants of JSC "Plant of Metal Structures" and JSC "Car Building Plant". The transported components will be used for the same wagons that Maxima Logistics LLC plans to buy in the future.

Maxima Logistics LLC and Betta LLC developed a complex multimodal route that involved the use of road and rail transport. The complex solution provided for the production of drawings of cargo fastening, coordination of transportation conditions with the railway, loading and unloading operations using crane equipment, delivery of cargo "door to door".

This solution ensured the rational use of the customer's funds and timely delivery of the cargo.  Transportation was carried out through the terminal and warehouse complex of the branch of JSC "Russian Railways" in Novokuznetsk (Novokuznetsk-Vostochny station).

This site in Novokuznetsk was chosen as an effective transshipment point for temporary storage and for subsequent shipment of cargo to the warehouses of the car-building plants of JSC "ZMK" and JSC "VSZ" in the Saratov region (stations "Pokrovsk-Privolzhsky" and "Balakovo").  As a result, more than 200 vehicles and 25 railway wagons were involved in the provision of freight forwarding services under the project.

When choosing the method of transportation, not only the cost and time of transportation were taken into account, but also such important factors as non-standard dimensions and weight of the cargo, a large list of nomenclature, as well as the technological capabilities of the final consignee. It should be noted that the batch included more than 500 tons of components for the production of innovative wagons.

The guaranteed quality of work with the responsibility of a single operator throughout the entire transportation route served as the basis for fulfilling the contractual obligations of Maxima Logistics LLC and Betta LLC exactly within the time limits set by the customer.

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