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According to the results of 2014, the number of freight cars under the management of GC "MAXIMUM" came to the mark of 5,600 cars.  Rolling stock in operation In 2014, there was a general increase in the fleet in the operational management of the Group to 4,287 cars.

The increase in the fleet in operational management mainly occurred due to an increase in the fleet of logging trucks, hopper cars for grain transportation, universal platforms. Commercial activity of the company Universal platforms

In 2014, the fleet of universal platforms increased by 400 units. Maxima Logistics LLC in 2014 retained a confident 3rd place among universal platform operators in the territory of the Russian Federation. In comparison with 2013, the volume of traffic in 2014 increased by 28% and amounted to 12,399 shipments (566,135 tons).

The positions of the representative offices of Maxima Logistics LLC at the Vereshchagino, Mendeleevo, Solikamsk stations of the Sverdlovsk Railway have strengthened, the declared volumes exceeded the availability of wagons in the region. Due to the increase in applications from customers and the shortage of the park in the region, it was decided to cover 25-30% of the needs of the attracted park from the owners.  Maxima Logistics LLC has reached a new level of cooperation with EVRAZ TC, in comparison with 2013, when the average monthly request for loading was 100 wagons, in the second half of 2014 it amounted to 800-1000 units of universal platforms (75% of the total demand of the two NTMK and ZSMK plants). In this project, in order to close part of the volume, the practice of attracting third-party owners of the park was also applied: SET, NOVOTRANS and LitKol. Fitting platforms: 

In comparison with 2013, the volume of transported TEUs in 2014 increased by 39% and amounted to 36,078 TEUs. In 2014, Maxima Logistics LLC, together with SASCO Navigator and Ecodor, created train services in the following directions:  Khovrino OCT Railway – Ugolnaya DV Railway - Khovrino OCT railway(SASKO Navigator) Silicate MSK railway – Bazaiha cattle railway (Ecodor) In the project with Ecodor, Maxima Logistics acts as the main supplier of its own/attracted rolling stock. In addition to providing the carriage component, Maxim Logistics is involved in filling the platforms with containerized cargo, which is from 50 TEU's in each train.

Covered wagons: Since August 2014, Maxima Logistics LLC has discovered a new direction - the operation of covered wagons. At the end of the year, the fleet of these cars amounted to 140 units with a confident rate of return - above the average market 

Attracted fleet of gondola cars:  In comparison with 2013, the volume of transportation in 2014 in gondola cars increased by 175% and amounted to 7,271 shipments (501,699 tons). The increase in shipments was achieved at the expense of customers: Telf, Metinvest, Sebryakovcement, Fintrans and Magnezit.

Multimodal transportation: Throughout 2014, the profitability of this project showed stable high results.  The annual shipment from the factories amounted to 4,406*40’ cont. or 8,812 TEU. The total volume of cabotage is 2,179 40’ and 20’ or 4,250 TEU.

The growth rates of the indicators of 2014 to 2013: the volume of shipments from factories increased by 46% cabotage increased by 3.3 times margin profit increased by 74% weighted average rate of return on the platform increased by 13%  

Technical Department In 2014, the technical department achieved the following indicators: Reduction of car downtime in all types of repairs, while the average idle time of cars for the company did not exceed the mark of 6 calendar days, despite the fact that in comparison with 2013, the number of repairs increased by 128% and amounted to more than 1100 cars. It was possible to reduce accounts receivable from JSC "Russian Railways" to LLC "Maxima Logistics" for wheel pairs from 7,000,000 rubles in the first quarter of 2014 to 1,700,000 rubles at the end of the year.

The Technical Department has organized temporary storage warehouses for spare parts at the main loading stations of Maxima Logistics LLC. Accounting and storage of more than 30 units of wheel sets and large car casting on the network of JSC "Russian Railways" has been organized. In 2014, the technical department assigned and re-registered over 1,700 wagons of the company, which is 70% higher than in 2013. The Technical Department also organized planned repairs to 320 cars of Maxima Logistics LLC. The average idle time of wagons in scheduled repairs did not exceed the mark of 7 calendar days.

In 2014, the Technical department organized the purchase and technical acceptance of over 1,600 wagons, which were received by the operational management of the Maximum Group of Companies. Automation of the department was carried out within the following areas of work: Registration and registration of rolling stock (the electronic portal of registration and registration of wagons through the company Numeral LLC was launched.);

Current uncoupling repair (an electronic document management contract has been concluded and launched under an agreement with the Central Directorate of Infrastructure);   Aksapta (changes and improvements have been made to the internal electronic environment for working with the technical unit of the company to optimize the production processes of the department.);

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