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MAXIMA LOGISTICS is actively increasing its customer and cargo bases IN THE UNIVERSAL PLATFORM TRANSPORTATION MARKET

Maxima Logistics LLC is expanding the list of its partners in the field of transportation of universal platforms. In May 2013 alone, their number in this area of activity increased by 15 (!) new counterparties.

In particular, Maxima Logistics has gained new customers in the Northern, Sverdlovsk railway and Kazakhstan, in addition, the structure of shipment is also diversifying. Our customer base is not only expanding quantitatively, but also improving qualitatively.

The presence of large world-renowned companies in the list of our partners in itself contributes to attracting new customers, and attracting new customers in turn will not only increase our market share, but also allow us to consider increasing the possible volume of purchases of new wagons.

The Company plans to increase the PS fleet by 30% over the next year. We are ready and we will grow!

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