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MAXIMA LOGISTICS in the main rating of railway operators

The business "ally" of the Group of Companies – the magazine "RZD-Partner" has published an up-to-date rating for 2016, consisting of the Top 30 operators specializing in railway transportation. Considering the forecast in this segment of the modern market, it is impossible not to emphasize the obvious fact: the share of specialized organizations in the total cargo turnover is growing.

This trend has been continuously observed since 2015 and, according to analysts, the "storm" has successfully passed. This is due, first of all, to the results of the past 2016, which give us an unchanged picture of the rank rating of operators located on the first six lines.

Taking into account the analysis of trends and prerequisites for the formation of the Info Line Rail Russia Top rating, GC "Maximum" occupies its well-deserved, solid line in almost all the presented nominations, which cannot but be called an economic breakthrough.

So, there is a positive trend in the following ratings provided by the information and analytical agency:

•    In the overall ranking of rolling stock operators, compared to 2015, GC "Maximum" rose 2 places up, ahead of LLC "UVZ-Logistics;

•    In terms of the number of cars in management for 2012-2016, our company has successfully risen by 7 positions, ahead of LLC Baltservice, LLC Uralchem-Trans, LLC PhosAgro-Trans, as well as the Transgarant Group;

•    In the rating of rolling stock by the size of the fleet owned, including financial leasing, GC "Maximum" beat its own indicators of last year, rising up by 3 positions;

•    In terms of freight traffic, there is a positive trend of 7 lines at once. Uralchem-Trans LLC and UVZ-Logistik LLC were left behind;

•    By the volume of cargo turnover in 2012-2016 . GC "Maximum" also rose by 3 positions, slightly ahead of LLC "Uralchem-Trans" and JSC MHC "Eurochem".

Thus, despite all the changes of the past years associated with the large-scale decommissioning of the rolling stock fleet and other transformations, stable players hold their positions, which indicates a kind of "revival" of the railway transportation market. GC "Maximum", according to the general summary of indicators, confidently occupies its place among the leading companies.

When reviewing the formed rating, it should be borne in mind that the most "high" positions went mostly to captive organizations that are part of the structure of multidisciplinary holdings. If this rating had been formed without taking into account captives, then GC "Maximum", according to most of our analysts, would have competed worthily for the top twenty.

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