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Maxima Logistics expands cooperation in Kazakhstan (increases its presence in the Kazakhstan market)

Kazakhstan is a priority area of our work and is gaining more and more tangible weight in the total mass of our monthly shipments. To date, about 15% of our total rolling stock fleet is involved in the direction of Kazakhstan and its share continues to increase.

Over the past month, we have acquired the following new customers:

•    Kurty LLP, Kazybe-Bek station - the volume of 15-20 platforms per month

• "Railway Engineering" station Zhete-Su – the volume of 20-30 platforms per month

•    LLC "Geogran" consignee from Kazybek-Bek station to art. Voskresensk- the volume of 5-10 platforms per month

•    LLP "Special Trans Express" station Zhety-Su - the volume of 40-60 platforms per month •    Atasu Trans LLP, Zhety-Su station - volume of 20 platforms per month

•    LLC "Kurus" consignee with art. Kazybek-Bek at the stations of the Moscow region (Fryazevo station, Mark station and others) - the volume of 5-10 platforms per month.

Thus, we significantly reduce the cost of empty mileage and at the same time increase the monthly shipment. In the short term, it is planned to stabilize the monthly shipment at the level of 250-300 platforms per month.

Our competitive advantages are a new fleet of rolling stock, traditionally high quality of service and prompt delivery of rolling stock.

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