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Maxima Logistics Company has replenished its fleet with hundreds of new 40-foot containers.

The buyer of container equipment manufactured in China was Repetek LLC, which is part of the Maximum Group of Companies. For the Maximum Group of Companies, this is the first experience of acquiring sea containers in ownership.

Until now, the needs of customers have been served with the involvement of containers belonging to sea container lines and the largest international forwarding companies. Together, Maxima Logistics LLC manages over 3,000 40-foot containers attracted on the terms of "one way" and "round-trip", as well as for rent.  "The steady shortage of container equipment observed on both the Chinese and Russian markets has pushed us to invest in our own container fleet," explained Nikolay Anatolyevich Falin, CEO of Maxima Logistics LLC.

"Now, in addition to 2,000 units of our own 80-foot platforms, we will also manage a fleet of our own containers. By the way, GC "Maximum" has been the owner of a fleet of tank containers for several years, investments in refrigerated containers are being discussed. "Own containers of GC "Maximum" will be aimed at servicing export flows of key customers from the pulp and paper and woodworking industries.

On the import shoulder, from China back to Russia, this equipment will be managed by Maxcontainer LLC, which monthly organizes the dispatch of 15 container trains from various provinces of China, through the Erlian –Zamyn-Uud border crossing.  In 2022, Maximum Group plans to continue purchasing its own containers, using cooperation with leading Russian banks and leasing companies.

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