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Maxim Logistics' positions in container transportation are getting stronger

In the direction of container transportation business, the operational indicators of Maxim Logistics at the moment are as follows: the total volume of loading amounted to more than 40 thousand tons /month, more than 750 shipments of 80-foot platforms are made monthly, which in cargo equivalent is almost 2,950 TEU, the fleet of fitting platforms has grown to 500 units, the total number of customers has grown to 89, of which more than 36 are active

The first stage of the investment program for the development of a container site in Perm by Betta LLC has been completed. More than 5 million rubles were invested in the next stage of the terminal expansion. As a result of investments, the capacity of the site has increased to 350 containers placed at the Terminal at the same time. Every month, the company ships up to 70 containers according to the multimodal "door-to-door" transportation scheme.

Currently, 150 containers are stored at the Betta terminal at a time.  To date, Betta has acquired the status of the most modern terminal in the region, able to be a reliable partner and meet the growing needs of the region in the organization of container transportation. The investment program of the enterprise allowed to create at the terminal a modern hard surface made of airfield plates, providing year-round use for loading and unloading operations, such modern equipment as the Ferrari reachstacker. The most modern software equipment is also being introduced, which takes into account the experience of large Russian as well as international container terminals.

Taking into account the annual growth of 10-15% of cargo containerization in the Perm region, in order to provide a full range of services to customers, a program is envisaged to increase its own fleet of container ships, it is planned to purchase 5 units of universal semi-trailers, European brand Grunwald, allowing to work with any container sizes. Much attention is paid to the safety of both the container fleet and the goods in temporary storage, modern video surveillance systems and physical security of the facility are used for this.  In the second quarter of 2013, the company plans to increase the volume of loaded containers shipped from the Perm region, according to the "door-to-door" scheme, to 200-300 per month.

These plans are confirmed by contracts with large enterprises of the region, and the technical capabilities of the terminal.

For Maxima Logistics, the management of container terminals allows us to solve such strategic tasks as providing a comprehensive service for the organization of container transportation for existing and new customers of the company, increasing the volume of transportation using our own large-capacity platforms in the logistics chains formed by the terminal and inclusion in existing routes to exclude empty mileage of wagons.

Investments in the terminal will create a modern technical base capable of responding to the growing demand for containerization of industrial cargo in the Perm region.

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