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MAXIM Group of Companies strengthens its partnership with ILIM Group

Fintrans LLC, a specialized transport enterprise of the ILIM Group, is a reliable and long-term partner of Maxima Logistics LLC. Mutually beneficial cooperation between both companies is currently developing not only along the path of the simplest, "vanilla" way of cooperation - in the field of providing its own rolling stock for rent, but also qualitatively: GC "MAXIMUM" provides its rolling stock with various activities of the ILIM Group. 

For example, cooperation in the field of container transportation is intensifying. GC "MAXIMUM" has been providing services for the transportation of products of LLC "Fintrans" on its own 80f platforms since 2012. However, this year the logistics schemes we use have become much more complex, and the geography of our work has become more extensive. A new complex project is scheduled to start in autumn to provide transport equipment to the Kotlas Central Processing Plant, after which our platforms with Ilim group cargo will cross virtually the whole of Russia – from the port of St. Petersburg to the ports of the Far East - making intermediate loads in Siberia. The density of interaction and the scope of cooperation also determine the nomenclature of rolling stock.

The integrated and responsible approach of the MAXIMUM Group to the needs of the ILIM Group enterprises made it possible to use the entire range of rolling stock: logging platforms, fitting platforms, covered wagons and gondolas. August was marked by the emergence of a qualitatively new direction of cooperation between the MAXIMUM Group of Companies and Fintrans LLC – thanks to joint efforts and coordinated actions, we managed to join (enter) the cargo flow of 40f containers from Moscow to the cities of Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk, which are subsequently transferred to Fintrans LLC for their own needs.  

Our companies are in constant contact, which allows us to quickly resolve emerging issues and opens up additional horizons for successful cooperation based on trust and mutual benefit. Employees and managers of MAXIMUM Group highly appreciate the trust placed in us, which is backed up by many years of cooperation, and are proud of the joint results achieved.

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