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Keeping up with IT technologies

Keeping pace with IT technologies, information technologies greatly simplify business operations. Working with paper documents causes a number of difficulties and makes you waste extra time.

We offer a modern electronic document management system (EDI), as well as a Maxapta software product for business automation. Electronic documents reach the addressee within a few seconds after sending. They won't get lost or damaged.

Thanks to the use of a qualified electronic signature, documents have the same legal force as printed ones. At the moment, the Maximum GC actively encourages everyone to work in EDO. The result of which were about 100 clients in the GC.

If you are engaged in B2B sales, then Maxapta will help you effectively manage your business and ensure its rapid development. Thanks to the use of innovative software products, you will get a significant advantage over your competitors. 

This will allow you to become a leader in your industry. Manage the company competently, save time, because it is a very valuable and irreplaceable resource.

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