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IT implementation in the MAXIMUM Group of companies

In January 2014, the main stage of the project on the implementation of an ERP-class system in the MAXIMUM group of companies was successfully completed. 

The project covered the following functional areas: corporate directories, document management, contract block, finance and treasury, production processes, technical and dispatch blocks, settlements with customers and suppliers, commercial risk management, tariffs, container transportation, terminal processing and storage, and various integration scenarios with external software complexes.

As a result, a single information space was created throughout the Group, which had an impact on operational activities and business process management, and led to a reduction in information processing time, a reduction in the risks of human errors, an increase in productivity and quality of work.

Thus, the group has reduced time and financial costs, and improved the quality of customer service. Considering such a positive effect, the shareholders and the management of the Group of Companies decided to continue the project on automation of business processes in the Group of Companies.

A work plan for the further implementation of the IT strategy of the Group of Companies has been developed and approved at the shareholders' meeting.

In particular, in 2014, it is planned to actively introduce electronic document management with counterparties and launch the client's personal account, through which clients will have access to information and additional services, which will raise the quality of customer service even higher.

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