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Formation of a MAXIMUM Group of Companies

The formation of the MAXIMUM Group of Companies has been completed. 

As of the beginning of 2014 , the Group consists of:  

Maxima Logistics LLC - 100%
TopLine LLC - 99.9% 
LLC "TopAktiv" (subsidiary) - LLC "Repetek" - 51% 

The total fleet of wagons in the operational management of the MAXIMUM Group of Companies exceeded 3,000 wagons:

- universal platforms - 1,700 pcs
. - 80-foot platforms for the transportation of large-capacity containers - 1,100 pcs
. - platforms for the transportation of timber and timber - 500 pcs
. - hopper cars for the transportation of cement - 200 pcs. 

Combining companies into a single Group will allow: - respond flexibly to fluctuations in the market situation - significantly increase the overall credit rating and, thereby, reduce the costs of current liabilities and loans - optimize the current debt burden by diversifying the activities of all Group members, reducing the credit risks of each individual company within the Group structure - distribute investment resources in a balanced and efficient manner in in accordance with the interests of the Group and market opportunities - reduce general economic costs and optimize current costs by centralizing expenses

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