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Fighting for customers

Maxima Logistics LLC has already managed to gain an impeccable reputation in the Russian railway transportation market and accumulate a wealth of experience that allows us to take on the most complex projects, find interesting solutions to their problems for customers and ensure the best execution of the order in the shortest possible time.

The latest achievements in a truly uncompromising struggle for customers with such market giants as JSC Federal Cargo Company (FGC) and JSC First Cargo Company (PGK) are proof of this. In December last year, our company took part in strategically important tenders for the transportation of drilling rigs of such enterprises that do not need representation as Uralmash NGO Holding LLC, Yekaterinburg and JSC Plant of Block-complete Devices, Tyumen. The result was a victory! Our Company will provide delivery of complex large-tonnage drilling equipment by rail in the amount of 400 platforms in the period from 01.12.13 to 28.02.14 from art. Voynovka and art .Yekaterinburg-Goods to art.Usinsk.

The victory in such a significant tender, where such powerful players acted as our competitors, speaks not only about the high level of training of our Commercial Department, but also about the opinion that has already taken place, the trust of our Company among the participants of the transportation market – our current and potential customers, their confidence that we not only can, but will definitely successfully cope with the task, no matter how difficult it may be, that we will definitely do our job to the maximum, at the "Maxim Logistics" level.

This is undoubtedly a success. But it is also undoubtedly a high responsibility. Our company successfully forms its brand in the transportation market. And it is necessary to take responsibility, carefully and seriously to fulfill their part of the solution of the common Task. After all, in the end, the overall success of the Company depends on everyone.

And then even more interesting tasks and orders are waiting for us ahead.

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