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Expansion into the regions

Maxima Logistics LLC has opened its representative offices on the Sverdlovsk Road (Vereshchagino, Solikamsk) in addition to the existing branch network of Alfa-Trans LLC (Chelyabinsk) and Betta LLC (Perm).  

The Company plans to open representative offices at: At the Kirovsky junction of the Gorky Road, at the Servtykarsky junction of the Northern Road, at the station  Lesosibirsk of the Krasnoyarsk road, at the Irkutsk station of the East Siberian Road, as well as at the transport hubs of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

The presence of representative offices in these regions will significantly expand the customer base.

Thanks to the work of the Company's representatives on the Sverdlovsk and Gorky roads, since 01.10.2013, cooperation agreements have already been signed with such partners as: LLC "Stevedore", LLC "Graf", LLC "Permlesservice" and others.

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