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Copyright GC "MAXIMUM"

At the beginning of 2016, Maxima Logistics became the official copyright holder of the MAksapta program, having received a CERTIFICATE of state registration of the computer program. The program is built on the basis of the Microsoft Dynamics Ax ERP-class system produced by Microsoft.

As you know, many Russian companies use Microsoft Dynamics for example: Rail Garant LLC, Mechel-Trans LLC, TFM operator and many others. 

Advantages of "Maxapta":

 western system, full transparency of processes

 Fully interacts with 1C accounting

 All processes are closed, minimal risk of error as a result of the human factor

 Separation of companies in one database, mirror process (acts, contracts, documents, etc.)

 A single industry solution covering not only the operational process, but also back office processes.

 Electronic document management with counterparties 

 Scalability, low resource requirements

 Integration with railway systems: ETRAN, GVC, ASOUP, ASU VRK, ASU TORah

 Open source code that can be easily and quickly changed to suit your needs

While waiting for the introduction to the big market, our partners, such as Maxexpress LLC, Betta LLC, TransFin-M PJSC, use the Maxapta program

According to the reviews of our partners, the implementation of the business program gave a positive result. She was appreciated.

So we are on the right track

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