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Cooperation of MAXIMUM Group of Companies with Rietumu Banka (Latvia)

In the current quarter, exactly one year has passed since the start of the work of the MAXIMUM group of companies with the Rietumu Bank. It was then (15.07.2013) that the first long-term loan agreement was concluded between the Bank and Top Line LLC (part of the MAXIMUM Group of Companies), under which the parties clearly fulfill their obligations to this day. 

The loan funds received were used to purchase universal platforms, which are successfully operated by Maxima Logistics LLC and currently the operating fleet of this type has about 1,800 units. MAXIMUM Group plans to continue mutually beneficial cooperation with Rietumu Bank and receive another loan, which will also be used to purchase new rolling stock.

Nikolay Falin, General Director of Maxima Logistics LLC, noted that the loan funds received from one of the largest Baltic banks once again confirm the stable and stable position of the company in the Russian transportation market. "The competent use of credit resources has allowed MAXIMUM Group to gain the trust, including of European banks, and this proves once again that we are developing our transport business in the right direction," N. Falin said.

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