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Container transportation of Maxim Logistics and partners in 2013

By the end of 2013, Maxima Logistics LLC reached the following performance indicators:

The volume of export multimodal transportation has reached 700 TEUs per month. 

The volume of coastal transportation has reached 200 TEUs per month.

The volume of container traffic using the Company's fleet (80 foot fitting platforms) has reached 3,250 TEUs per month.

In the second half of 2014, it is planned to launch shipments of a container train with export cargo on a monthly basis.      

Indicators of our partners Alfa-Trans LLC (Chelyabinsk) and Betta LLC (Perm).

The container terminal of Alfa-Trans LLC processed 2,570 TEUs in the 4th quarter of 2013, of which 1,420 TEUs – for receiving containers, 1,150 TEUs - for shipping containers. From 900 to 1100 TEUs are stored monthly. 

The container terminal of Betta LLC processed 1,160 TEUs in the 4th quarter of 2013, of which 760 TEUs – for receiving containers, 400 TEUs – for shipping containers.

From 300 to 600 TEUs are stored monthly.  In the current 2014, we need to maintain the positive growth dynamics that the Company demonstrated in 2013, time and the general market situation require this from us. 

In 2014, due to the development of container filling technologies, Alfa-Trans LLC plans to increase the number of containers shipped to 4000 TEUs per quarter. It is also planned to put into operation a new cargo front and open an additional platform for container storage.

The terminal is expanding its range of services for loading universal platforms with wheeled vehicles and oversized cargo.In December, it is planned to put into operation its own container truck, which will significantly increase the attractiveness of the terminal and the quality of services provided by it.  The container terminal of Betta LLC in 2014 is scheduled to launch a site for filling containers with fertilizers for export.

The terminal receives a license for loading and unloading operations with "Dangerous goods", these services will contribute to an increase in cargo traffic.   An important task for both terminals is the organization of regular train service in particularly popular destinations.

The routes Chelyabinsk Gl.- Solikamsk , Chelyabinsk Gl. – DVZhD, Block– Avtovo, Block - Khabarovsk, Moscow – Block – Chelyabinsk Gl., Nakhodka Vostochnaya – Chelyabinsk Gl - Block are being worked out.

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