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Closing the circle

Maximum Group of Companies has made another small, but very productive victory from the client's point of view in the field of container railway transportation – at the end of June, the first train was sent from Krasnoyarsk (Bazaiha railway station, BLTC terminal) to Vladivostok (Cape Churkin railway station, VMKT terminal).

The updated service is a logical continuation of the Moscow – Krasnoyarsk service and closes the route Moscow – Krasnoyarsk – Vladivostok – Moscow. Now, thanks to the shortening of the delivery time on the Krasnoyarsk – Vladivostok shoulder, we will be able to significantly increase the frequency of sending container trains in this direction.

The implementation of this important project took place in close cooperation with the BLTC terminal, which, thanks to its high professionalism, managed to come to a mutual agreement with Krasnoyarsk freight forwarders and consolidate all their cargo flows into the container train format. By the way, previously all shipments from railway stations in Krasnoyarsk were carried out exclusively in the format of wagon shipments.  

Summing up the results of this event, we can briefly outline the main advantages for both sides:

•    For owners and operators of wagons: - first of all, a more convenient and cost-effective service that allows you to send goods along the updated route - the economic balance of railway platforms has leveled - control and management of the wagon formation system has become available

•    For customers and cargo owners: - reduction of cargo delivery time by 30% - more favorable price conditions in comparison with wagon shipments (up to 20%)

In the future, Maximum Group also intends to make every possible effort to develop and establish new, convenient and useful routes for all players in the field of railway transportation.

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