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Awarding of St. Petersburg. KLS.

FC "S.P.B. K.L.S." Friends! Last Sunday, all the winners of the St. Petersburg Football Championship were awarded, our team was awarded bronze medals for the 2022 season. It is gratifying that in the year of the 125th anniversary of football in Russia, S.P.B. K.L.S. were not left without awards, but these medals : bronze medal:it wouldn't be without you! 

We thank our fans for their mega-hardy support throughout the championship, our club felt at home even at away games, it gave us strength and we definitely had the most powerful 12 player in the entire league! We say a huge thank you for the support of Maxima Logistics, the undisputed top in the field of rail freight transportation.

If you need your cargo to fly on rails and sleepers to your destination in a fast and businesslike way, then this is definitely for our friends! We are very grateful to the PARI company, I think such an authoritative bookmaker does not need additional representation, but just in case we remind you that if you decide to "file everything on zero", in other words, to bet on some sporting event, you need to do it with our, that is, in the PARI company.

 Naturally, we have not forgotten about our long-term friend, those who, like Prometheus, bring light to people for a year, the company "Market of Light", in short, you guessed it, for tokmo lamps there, those who are for KLS, they will instantly make a discount there. Once again, thank you all and see you next season!

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